Wizard of Oz Birthday Party at Cox Farms

As I cut into the unassuming white birthday cake with a bit of pink sprinkles on top and removed the first INSANELY TALL RAINBOW COLORED SLICE, the crowd literally went wild.  The “Wooooooah!!!’s” and “Oooooo!!!’s” and “Rainboooooow!!!’s” of the onlooking children filled my heart with unspeakable joy.

Me:  I can die a happy woman now.

Baking time well spent.

bday 24

Fluffy started out wanting a Witches party like last year, but that morphed quickly into Glinda the Good Witch.  Now, I love blue gingham and ruby red as a party theme like this, but Fluffy had no tolerance for it.  No interest what.so.ever.  Emerald city and yellow brick road?  Shut down immediately.  What she was really focusing on from the movie was the “Rainbow, (Somwhere Over the)” and “Glinda”, the suspiciously Disney princess-esque witch.  So that even though I can still claim Fluffy has never had a princess birthday, it comes with an asterisk.

Our first order of business was a color scheme.  Ruby Red quickly became Ruby Pink.  And to simplify and tighten the theme, we cut the rainbow down to four colors:  pink, yellow, green and aqua blue.  Okay, okay, I cut orange and purple out of the rainbow.  Wait, haven’t I cut orange and  purple out of the rainbow in my decor before?  Yes, I have.  What can I say?  I love fall, I love pumpkin.  I wear orange.  But I kind of hate orange.  And five colors at a party is just too much information.  So four colored rainbow it is.  I had to commit to this scheme early so I could design and send the invitations a few weeks out.

bday 35

I decided rather than doing centerpieces for a bunch of tables this year to focus my efforts on creating a rainbow balloon arch.  Balloons just scream “Birthday Party!” (or “Cultural Hall Wedding!”, am I right, Mormons?)  The balloon arch was a huge hit.  Huge.  I used this tutorial.  The trick is to really pack balloons in close together so they can’t move around and disrupt your lovely pattern.  I used 96 9in balloons blown up to 7.5in.  I used a rolled and taped piece of posterboard with an aperture of 7.5 in to blow the balloons into to make sure they came out uniform sized.  The hand pump is essential.  Note:  There is a weirdness in the middle of the arch in some pictures.  I made the arch in two pieces so I could transport it in my SUV, then at one point it came undone where I had tied it.  Though I quickly tied it back together, it was not taut enough for me to rubik’s cube the middle balloons back into their proper order.  MAH BAD!

bday 20bday 14

For the treats, we did “Witch Bits”.

bday 10

Kent helped me make the witch’s hats and witch’s brooms from last year.  That would never have happened if he still worked at the NY firm.

bday 8 bday 7

And I made my first and possibly last attempt at cake pops.  I know I was a super late adopter of this trend.  I used blue-green cake for the foot inside.

bday 2

Then I colored white chocolate and melted it over a steam bath.  I covered the pops and tried to roll them in pink sprinkles.  Didn’t work so well, so I ended up standing them up and sprinkling generously.

bday 3

Swirled paper straws represented the striped tights.  The straws were extremely hard to manage with the cake pops.

bday 5

I did not enjoy making them, and they were wildly unpopular at the party as everyone had had plenty of cake.  Fluffy and the boys were crazy about them after the party though and basically had a Hunger Games competition over who would eat the last one.

bday 22

The star of the show though, was the rainbow birthday cake.  Doubly so because it was actually a moist delicious cake.  I used double this recipe for cake and triple this recipe for frosting (thanks, Sariah).  Because all the companies are now making smaller cake mixes, I added a quarter cup of sugar, a quarter cup of flour and a 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder to each cake recipe.

I carefully cut the layers nice and flat and frosted generously with a crumb layer, then chilled it in the refrigerater before adding the top coat and sprinkles.  That cake was gooooood.

bday 25

We filled the goodie bags with chocolate coin rainbows, rainbow swirl pops, ruby pink glitter nail polish, little body glitters, stickers, wands and smore’s Rice Krispy treats.  I toasted the marshmallows under the broiler until nicely blackened and carcinogen encrusted, then stirred them in with melted butter, chocolate chips, Rice Krispies and Golden Grahams.

bday 6

The boys got glow in the dark thingies instead of wands and something else I don’t recall instead of nail polish and body glitter.  Oh, and their bags were yellow with scarecrows instead of Glinda bubbles.  As a final touch, Fluffy herself added the gems to the wands on the Glinda bubbles.

bday 15

We served Papa John’s this year which was about 1/4 the cost of Cafe Rio from previous years.  I missed Cafe Rio, but actually, Fluffy liked this better.

bday 17


One of my favorite finds was this aqua gingham table cloth that I ordered from Amazon.com.  It’s a nice cloth one that I can keep and reuse, and with a rainbow of tableware, it managed the Dorothy nod adequately.  My one regret is not getting dry ice for the root beer served in the Poison samovar.

bday 11

With the set up simplified, and Kent bringing the kids at a later time, I was able to get things mostly set up before anyone arrived.  And with a lot of help, the break down went really fast this year, too.  I didn’t take pictures during the hours that we spent going on attractions, and I’m glad.  I really enjoyed myself this year.  Thanks to Jenny for getting a family shot!

bday 30

Fluffy and the gang formed the Prub Club.  P.R.U.B. is an acronym for princess, rainbow, unicorn, butterfly.  I think Kent named the club and Eden pointed out the gratifyingly rhyme-y acronym.  They ran from slide to maze in a pack of squeals and giggles for way longer than I could keep it up.

bday 21

Thanks to everyone who came and made this year my favorite among favorites!

bday 19

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7 thoughts on “Wizard of Oz Birthday Party at Cox Farms

  1. It all looks like such a little girl’s fantasy. Well done! I can only imagine what it would be like to be six years old and get a party like that. And when Gwynne is too cool for such Cox Farms shenanigans, you can help me throw amazing parties for my little bean, right? Right? 😉

    • Fo sho! You know I’m all over that. And I have the remainders of 6 little girl parties from which we could create one gumbo of a shindig.

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