Get Your Valentine’s Day On

Let me clarify:  I don’t actually dislike Valentine’s Day at all.  I just don’t like to see the decorations come out on December 23rd and 24th while the corpse of Christmas is still warm in its grave.  Wait.  It’s not even dead.  It’s before Christmas even comes!

I think as a Christmas loyalist, I feel offended on Christmas’s behalf when people move on so quickly to what is clearly a rebound holiday.  When the craft stores put stuff out before Christmas Day, I feel like Christmas is saying, “Wait!  Did what we had mean nothing to you?”

But by Janurary 7th, I’m on board.  Let’s do Valentine’s Day.  Who can face winter without something to celebrate?  I for one welcome the Valentine card exchange as another fun-filled opportunity to compete with other preschool moms.

Last year I bought super cool Valentines cards online that were 100% over the heads of the 3-4 year-olds.  Wrong approach.  We all know the kids just want Princess or Spiderman Valentines from Target with plenty of candy inside.  But if you’re out to prove you’re mom enough, you’ve got to do something clever and crafty and homemade.  And a photo of your child holding his hand out that you put a real sucker in?  That is amazing–if it’s 2010!  You have to stay ahead of these trends.  You have to get your idea before it hits your Pinterest cluster and everyone brings that thing too.   It’s like Boggle where if Elijah and Isabel bring the same thing, no matter how cool it is, it cancels each other out.

And now that every holiday is turning into a Christmas clone, you’ve got to buy Valentine’s Day jammies for the kids, and make the Valentine’s Day gingerbread house, and trim the Valentine’s Day tree.  It’s a mess.  But that’s how we roll.  Our American motto used to be “In God We Trust”, now it’s “No Holiday Undercelebrated”.



Two years ago, Valentine’s Day in Times Square with Salty and Peppers “onboard” as well.

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