Mudroom Accent Wall

Today I worked extremely hard–as opposed to all the other days of my life on which I also worked extremely hard.  I blame my mom and my grandfather.  I come from a proud line of people who will die in the harness.  My grandfather into his late 80’s with cancer and pneumonia was still out working on the garage door opener.  He would be very disappointed in me if he knew I hired someone to install ours.  :(

In addition to teaching music classes and taking the kids to swim lessons, I repaired the eyeliner damage Salty did to the master bath grout using a grout painting and sealing product.  While I was at it, I did the whole shower floor.  And then I tackled the accent wall of the mudroom.


One of my goals in this house is to have more fun rooms.  I mean, I’m not going to abandon my fathomless roots in formality.  My music room looks as red and romantic as my house did 10 years ago.  Romeo and Juliet still making out after all these years.


I’m this close to convincing Kent to sell that dinosaur keyboard.  And if anybody has a grand piano to spare (Erin Holsinger McPhie!), I’ve got just the room for it.

Anyway, I do want to have some fun rooms.  So I am going for a scheme of a multitude of fun blues for the mudroom.  I fell in love with a blue and white trellis wallpaper, before I found out it was $200 a roll.  HAHAHAHA!  No.

Fortunately, someone had made a knock-off stencil of it which I bought online.  And then I tortured myself with it for most of today.  It was actually two days because I had to paint the whole mudroom Benjamin Moore’s Mascarpone for the background first.  I used Sherwin Williams Bubble for the stenciling.

The principle of stenciling is simple and clear.  The execution of wrapping that bugger around all those pesky mudroom locker corners on what has got to be the least stencil-friendly wall known to man, is maddening.  Here’s the last blankety-blank-blank corner.


My pictures do it no justice, for it is glorious to behold.  I lurv it rill good.


And now to phase two wherein I cover up all my hard work with a big fat mirror, then frame and hang the dry erase magnet board, shelf for phone charging, wall pockets, etc.  Oh, and hang all the hooks if I can ever find the ones I want for the top row.  I’m telling you it looks amazing in person.  If you actually know me, you should come see.


I probably ought to save this for the post on wall hangings, but let me just point out from the music room that after 7 years and countless emails and phone calls, I finally have a diploma for my graduate degree!  You’re killin’ me Johns Hopkins.

I immediately ran out and reframed the Harvard one so I could have a matched set.  I even cut the mat for the MM myself because I can think of too many other things I want to do with $50.  Plus I had an Exacto knife and strip quilting mat and rulers at home as well as infinite confidence in my ability to either do it myself or waste $8 on a mat trying before handing it over to the pros.  It looks great as long as you don’t get too close.  I think that’s true of most projects–and most people.



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  1. I might (maybe) have some friends interested in purchasing the keyboard. They may have already purchased another one, though. The music room looks so warm and inviting. I love it. Way to work that stencil! Looks groooood.

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