I Gave Up Sconces For This?

Back when Kent converted my sconce money into surround sound for the family room, I was happy for him.  Turns out it’s his house, too, and this surround sound idea is pretty much the house’s finest feature to him.

Or not.

Yesterday, Todd and Martha came over with a sci-fi DVD from Netflix to test out the surround sound, and helped us uncover a real wrist-slitter.  Take a look at this picture.


Look above the couch and locate the rear speakers, the big circles.  Notice anything?  Notice that they are about 5 feet into the room?  Notice that they are infront of the couch?  Yeah.  That’s a big problem.  The point of rear speakers is that they should be in the rear.  They have to be behind the listener so that you actually get a stereo effect.  When Franklin Electric puts your rear speakers 5 feet short of the end of the room, it strips stereo sound of its very nature and renders your expensive Surround Sound System a mere sound system.

Both Todd and Kent somehow think the solution is to move the couch into the middle of the room thereby cutting the family room in half.  Perfect.  Let’s obviate the utility of the family room extension we paid for at 3 times the cost of the surround system!  Yes, by all means, let’s forgo all possibility of rational placement of the hypothetical rest of the furniture and while we’re at it destory the functionality of 160 square feet of living space behind the couch by moving the couch into the middle of the room.  Forget that.

Now, why didn’t I catch this before it was too late?  Because the speakers were put in long before the floor which defines the size of the room.  And because the speakers were Kent’s thing.  But most of all, because I trusted Franklin Electric, the experts who install these systems all the time, to have some notion of how their product works.

[Further review of Franklin Electric suspended until they no longer hold the warrantee on our wiring.]

On the upside, the foyer light finally came!  Franklin installed it, and it is amazing.


Crystorama sent it with about a third of the strings of crystal the wrong length which I spent the morning figuring out and helping the technicians correct, but look at that thing!


And it looks awesome in the paladium window.  Oh, the paladium window.  I have got to get some nicer pajamas because I am not getting fully dressed before breakfast.




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3 thoughts on “I Gave Up Sconces For This?

  1. Explain it to them. They should fix it – or your builder should make them fix it. Seriously. Call them now. When our living room ceiling fan fell out of the ceiling and was hanging by the wires, we noticed that it had been screwed in less than a half-inch away from the edge of the joist. We called them (yes, the same company were our electricians too!). They came out and fixed it immediately even though we’d been in the house for almost three years.

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