Grout Refresh

Little did I plan when I moved in three weeks ago to have need of renewing grout before the month was out, but alas.


Three year-old + eyeliner + grout = steam shooting out of my ears.  I’m not saying imakilldatkid or anything.  I’ve heard sometimes the naughtiest of toddlers turn into clever, obedient, pleaser children.  If that doesn’t happen, imakilldatkid.  (People know when I’m joking, right?)

Saltification is at once my sweetest of sweety pies and my arch nemesis.  I’m terrified he may grow up to be as smart as I am.  And taller!  My only hope is to chain up the proverbial baby elephant’s leg now while I can still physically control him to try to break his spirit, else when he’s old enough he will trample me for sure.  Project baby elephant leg chain is going supremely well–for him.  He has almost broken my spirit entirely.

When he’s being sweet, he is unstoppably cute.  Sometimes his sheer handsomeness stops my heart.


And sometimes his dastardly deeds put me in cardiac arrest.

salty mascara

On his latest make-up related devilry, I scrubbed and scraped and tried various cleaning agents, but this grout was well and truly stained.



So I bought Grout Refresh at Home Depot.  While I was at it, I thought I may as well do the shower floor since shower floor grout is otherwise impossible to keep looking nice.  This was our shower floor after only a couple of weeks!  YIKES!!   And we’re not the most disgusting people on earth either.  That’s just the nature of shower grout.


Grout Refresh was super easy to put on.  You just scrub it on with an old toothbrush.  A cleaning freak might even have said, “This is fun.”



Then you let it sit for 30-60 minutes (or 6 hours if you get distracted by a mudroom stencil), mist with water, then scrub off the excess from the tile and let the grout cure for 24 hours.  A cleaning freak who has just spent eons stenciling a mudroom might even have said, “I have to scrub all this junk off now?  KILL ME!!!”

But it looks pretty good after.

IMG_1285IMG_1286 IMG_1289

Honestly, I wish I’d used it on every bathroom in every house I’ve ever lived in.

The best part is that if the product and the internet are to be believed, the grout should stay looking this nice for years, so Salty will just have to find something else to destroy.

Note to self:  Seal the grout on the hypothetical kitchen backsplash.  If the grout is already pristine, you can just use a grout sealer which doesn’t have the paint-over aspect but does prevent stains from the get go.

Dear Grout Refreshing, Sealing companies,

Please send me a bunch of money for promoting your product.  Thanks for the memories.

Yours Sincerely,

-Heather Craw


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3 thoughts on “Grout Refresh

  1. I am so doing this when I get home – unless of course you want to. Grout Refreshing, Sealing companies, show Heather the money! (Haha. I accidentally typed in Monet. You’d probably take one of those too, huh?).

  2. Just went to your link for Grout Refresh on Amazon and they’re currently sold out. Surely the result of your post. Go ask for kickbacks.

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