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Heather and Fluffy AG date

Heather and Fluffy AG date

Several years ago, I graduated third in my class, summa cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in Russian Literature.  Several minutes ago, I fished a boardbook out of the toilet that my little boy had chucked in there while I was changing his twin brother.  Can you see why I felt compelled to mention the first thing?

I attended Stanford Law School and afterwards received my Masters degree in Opera Performance from the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins.  I’ve cut a solo CD and reigned over a rodeo and demolition derby as Miss Beaver County.  I’ve worked at law firms, sung high-C’s in concert halls and opera houses, taught LSAT prep, and critiqued a whole lot of Russian literature.  But I find myself for this period of time staying home with my kids and designing my custom home (which has led to designing other peoples’). I don’t stay home all that much either.  

I try not to do anything by halves.  When I decided to become a mother, I wanted to win at it.  Then when I actually became a mother and fell hopelessly, worshipfully in love with my children, I realized I wanted to be good at it.  This blog is about how someone like me channels my energy and abilities into the relentless pursuit of happiness both for my children, and for myself in this wack-o job.  These are my darlings whom on the blog I call Fluffy

Fluffy in pink dress


Salty:Christmas card 2


and Peppers.

christmas card 6

I feel a responsibility to parent in an evidence-based manner.  The posts I’ve categorized as science mainly reflect my efforts to incorporate the latest scientific findings into my practical parenting.  When all this science is debunked in a decade, at least I can wash my hands of it and say my methods were based on the available evidence.

An unabashed lover of beautiful things, I share of a lot of my efforts to design and ornament my world and to expose my children to the many wonders of the Washington D.C. area where we live.  Oh, and I like to dress my family in flagrantly matchy-matchy clothes.  Watch out or you may find yourself coming over to the matchy-matchy side, too.

If I didn’t know how to categorize something, I just put it under comedy.  Why?  I didn’t think anyone would read posts categorized as “other”, and besides, my mom thinks I’m funny.  So comedy it is.

The big addition to the blog this year is my Adventures in Real Estate series wherein I detail the inordinate lengths one deranged woman will go to to build the most beautiful, amazing house for the least possible amount of money.  It has every gory detail of my For Sale By Owner experience, finding a teardown lot, using a rebate realtor to buy it, and now we’re onto the process of building a custom home.

Well that’s me.  And here’s me again.  Once you’ve paid for them, you’ve got to use your headshots: